Catherine Asaro

Award Winning Science Fiction & Fantasy Author

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Publisher: Spectrum Ebooks

Lightning Strike, Book II

A new Universe. A new Time.

Tina Pulivok is thrust into an unknown universe, a reality that exists hundreds of years ahead of her own time. Raised in a Maya village, and then later in an East L.A. barrio in the 1980s on Earth, she knows no one in this new universe—

Except Althor.

A starfighter pilot from the future, Althor ended up in the wrong universe when someone—he has no idea who—sabotaged his fighter with the intent of killing him. Instead, the faulty stardrive threw him into Tina’s universe. Both Tina and Althor are empaths, traits that draw them together. They return to Author’s universe in his sentient ship, where they face dangers known and unknown. From the vicious empire of the Trader slave lords to the ancient marvels of desert ruins holding the secrets of a long vanished past, they must survive an onslaught of danger. They face the future with only their courage and their love–but will it be enough to keep them alive?