Catherine Asaro

Award Winning Science Fiction & Fantasy Author

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Starflight Music and Books

Welcome to Starflight Music and Books. The list of titles we currently have in stock appears at the end of this page. Please check if the book you wish to order is on the list. If it isn’t listed below, then see its entry under “Books” on this website for ordering information

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Price List

$ 7.50       Mass market paperbacks
$11.00       Trade paperbacks
$21.00      Hardcovers
$45.00      Limited Edition collector’s hardcover.

Ordering within the United States

Enter the name of the book you would  like in the correct category: mass market, trade, hardcover, or limited edition. Click the “Buy Now” button below the title you entered, and it will take you to a form where you can enter your payment method, either PayPal or credit card. If you would like Catherine to sign your book, indicate this in the title box, after the title. If you would like it personalized, include the name as you would like it to appear (for example, The Radiant Seas, autographed to Chris Rojas). And you’re done!

For the vintage records, enter the name of the record into the hardcover category and click “Buy now.”

Ordering from outside the United States

If you live outside the US, the price includes a shipping fee. Please use this contact form to order. In the message field make sure to include the titles you would like, your shipping address, and any autograph directions (if you would like the book signed). Once we receive your order, we will calculate your shipping fee and send you an invoice. That’s it!

Mass market paperback

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Trade paperback

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Book Title

Limited Edition Collector’s Book

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Books Currently in Stock.

Mass market paperbacks

The Radiant Seas
The Moon’s Shadow

Trade paperbacks

The Radiant Seas (Skolian Empire)


Skolian Empire/Ruby Dynasty
The Radiant Seas
Ascendant Sun
The Quantum Rose
Spherical Harmonic
The Moon’s Shadow
The Final Key

Aurora in Four Voices, an anthology of Catherine’s shorter works
The anthology isn’t currently available at SM&B; you can order it at NESFA by clicking this link

Limited Edition Collector’s Books

Alpha (Easton Press collector’s edition)
Diamond Star (Easton Press collector’s edition)

Infinite Stars, which includes a novelette by Catherine
The anthology isn’t currently available at SM&B; you can order it at Titan Books by clicking this link

Music, current

Ancient Ages (on Amazon)
Ancient Ages (on Apple)