Catherine Asaro

Award Winning Science Fiction & Fantasy Author

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Publisher: Spectrum

Lightning Strike: Book I

Tina Pulivok is returning home one night to her Los Angeles neighborhood when she meets a man who seems lost—an understatement, as he and his Jag star fighter arrived from an alternate universe. As Tina struggles to understand Althor, this strange, handsome man with metallic-looking skin and other variations from Earth humans—they become the targets of a manhunt by police and the military, who captured Althor’s damaged starship.

From memories of her childhood in a Mayan village, to a barrio in East L.A., to a military base and a chance to reach the stars, Tina comes alive as an astute, sympathetic narrator, facing life and tough choices with courage, wit and compassion.

Lightning Strike, Book I and Lightning Strike, Book II together make a revised, updated, and expanded version of the novel Catch the Lightning.