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Pick a Name in my Next Book

March 29, 2023

Hello, readers. I’m in the process of choosing a name for the Skolian sports complex where the Olympic track and field team from the world Raylicon trains. The patrons on my Patreon page made wonderful suggestions, and I set up a poll where people can vote for their favorites (you can choose as many as you like). I’ve removed the paywall on the last two posts about the name so anyone can vote. Please come over and weigh in with your opinion!

In the two posts below, the first is a summary discussion of the names and the second is the poll.

I’m not taking more suggestions for poll names; that was for Patreon members only. However, anyone and everyone can vote, and you are welcome and invited to do so.

The author of whichever name wins gets to have their name as an athlete on the Raylican Olympic track and field name in a future book (not the next one, which is already finished, but the book that comes after that). Or else part of the name of the complex.

If you’d like to subscribe to my Patreon page, keep up on the latest with my books (and life), win free books, and get to participate in these tuckerization possibilities, that would be lovely and thank you. The subscription page is here:

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