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The (new) Quantum Rose, Chapters 1-5

January 30, 2021

I’ve posted Chapters 1-5 of The (new) Quantum Rose on my patreon page. I’m revising the whole book in preparation for the eBook re-release. The chapters are here:

Chapter One:
Chapter Two:
Chapter Three:
Chapter Four:
Chapter Five:

Art Credit: Julie Bell

This is the original cover for the hardcover from Tor.








Art Credit: Imagur:

This scene fits one in chapter five beautifully, except Kamaj has black hair and dark eyes.







Art Credit: MarcMons007,…/Palace-of-Fine-Arts-San…

The palace in this picture is a real place! The first time I went there, during a trip to San Francisco, I couldn’t stop being amazed. It was like seeing a place out of a fantasy I’d imagined come to real life. The palace I describe in TQR is based on the ancient Maya palaces, but with changes to fit the thousands of years evolution in the story. This actually comes fairly close, though it doesn’t have the Maya influence. Also, the water in this picture would be a plaza in the story.


Art Credit: Desktop wall paper. Lady of the Roses. I couldn’t find the artist name, but if anyone knows, please post!





Art credit:
This is actually a picture of a character shown the con myth fandom wiki. The character does look something like Prince Havryl, however, in The Quantum Rose.








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