Catherine Asaro

Award Winning Science Fiction & Fantasy Author

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The Fire Opal

Book 4 in the Lost Continent Series

Deep in the sun-drenched desert, the priestess Ginger-Sun carries the power of shape mages. But whispers abound: Is she descended from the beloved Sunset Goddess, or does she fill her moonlit rituals with wickedness? Ginger herself is uncertain, until a stranger is left for dead at her feet.

Thence her magic begins to burn.

Fate makes Ginger the stranger’s wife and therefore a target for those who would murder this man for reasons she doesn’t understand. If they succeed in taking her from him, they will force her magic into twisted ferocity. Unless Ginger masters her dark powers, violence will rein in the country of Taka Mal—and in her soul.

The Fire Opal

Book 4 in the Lost Continent Series

Excerpt Coming Soon!

The Fire Opal

This title is available in print from Starflight Music and Books, and is coming soon to ebook.


Jun 26, 2007

ISBN-10: 0373802773

ISBN-13: 9780373802777


  • This title will be available soon as an eBook from Spectrum publishing.


  • This title is not currently available in audio format